Friday, June 25, 2010

Bermuda: before Day 1

Thursday, while getting ready to go, I went to Target for a few last minute items. I was almost near the registers when I had a really tight feeling in my chest. I just stopped and rested statue-like on my cart for several minutes. I was terrified. What would happen to the vacation if I had a heart attack? Would/should Tom go alone since some friends would be joining us? Was this a sign that I should never go to Bermuda? The last time I was supposed to go there on a Cushie Cruise, I got cancer. Maybe I'm just not supposed to be there.

The more immediate questions were what would happen. Would I collapse onto the floor and the shopper who keeps passing this aisle have to do something about me?

What should I do? I couldn't call Tom because he was at work. Calling 911 would be really embarrassing.

So I stayed as a statue and eventually the moments passed. I'd had no other symptoms, no arm pain, so I decided to go home.

Surprise, surprise. Tom was home when I got there. He thought we should go to the ER but I talked him out of it, so he called our PCP for a visit the next morning.

Friday was supposed to be leisurely packing. Now I had a doctor appointment with EKG. (everything looked ok) Then church called with an urgent computer/website thing I needed to go do and Mimi needed to go to her sisters, then I needed to take my mom some farm veggies we didn't get to... Aarrgghh.

Finally finished packing about 1am and had to get up at 4 am for flight.