Friday, January 22, 2010

More Bagpipes Coming

I know I’m a little weird but I actually like bagpipes.  My dad was born in Scotland – he came over to the US when he was 5 wearing a little kilt.  His father was in the Black Watch during World War I, and he died in Peshawar, India  We have his trunk full of memorabilia, tartans, kilt pins, journals, and such.

In the days before butter and cholesterol were so bad for us, I used to make a wonderful shortbread that I’d give to everyone.  Four ingredients:  Butter, lots of butter (NO margarine, ever!),  confectioner’s sugar, flour and a bit of salt. 

I have special shortbread molds, the works. This is one of my molds:


Anyway, I have always loved bagpipe music, drums, the Royal Guards, the whole pomp and precision marching.  I even have my own chanter, although I haven’t done much with it.

Every time a group like this comes to town, I’m there!

So, on Sunday afternoon, I’ll be here:


Band of the Irish Guards with the Pipes and Drums of the Royal Regiment of Scotland

The Band of the Irish Guards and Royal Regiment of Scotland brings all of the pomp and grandeur of the British Empire to the Center’s stage. A gifted group of musicians was gathered by Queen Victoria in 1900 to commemorate the bravery of the Irish Regiments, and quickly gained a reputation for excellence. It was the band’s responsibility to inspire an esprit de corps among the troops, and it traveled extensively throughout both World Wars to give morale-boosting performances for those on active service. Now renowned across the globe, these regiments uplift spirits with rousing marches, sailor ballads, and of course, folk songs from their native Ireland. This incredible ensemble is a delight for the whole family!